How to Start Accounting and Bookkeeping Firm in UAE

Accounting and Bookkeeping Business in UAE

Accounting and bookkeeping companies are widely favoured among entrepreneurs for investment, constituting one of the most sought-after business services in UAE . The surge in demand can be attributed to recent changes in the taxation system, prompting a substantial need for these firms. UAE

Benefits of Starting Accounting and Bookkeeping Firm in UAE
Numerous business investors and proprietors recognize the importance of effectively managing their company’s finances. Consequently, an increasing number of entrepreneurs with financial industry expertise are venturing into startups in this sector. Several factors contribute to Dubai being an optimal platform for establishing an Accounting and Bookkeeping firm:

  • UAE is an emerging hub for diverse business.
  • Favourable government policies support aspiring and small business entrepreneurs.
  • Initiating a business in UAE involves minimal startup costs.
  • The growing demand for accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai.
  • Dubai boasts a resilient and ever-growing industry.
  • The sector consistently experiences substantial growth.
  • Dubai promotes flexibility and embraces virtual/remote office setups.”


Cost of Starting Accounting and Bookkeeping Firm in Dubai
The expense associated with establishing an accounting and bookkeeping firm in Dubai hinges on various factors such as location, objectives, and the nature of the business (physical or virtual office). Specifically focusing on accountancy firms in the UAE and Dubai, costs can vary from AED 15,000 to AED 25,000 . encompassing both license and visa. Therefore, entrepreneurs should exercise caution when determining the business type, company size, and setup to align appropriately with the startup costs

Requirements to Open Accounting Firm in Dubai

To establish an accounting and bookkeeping business in Dubai, entrepreneurs need to satisfy the following prerequisites:

  • Educational Qualification: Possession of a valid degree in Accounting and an authenticated certificate affirming certification as an accountant.
  • Professional License: Acquisition of a legitimate professional license issued by the Department of Economic Development
  • Physical Workspace: Establishment of a physical office equipped with a team of certified professional accountants and bookkeeping experts


How Companies zone Can Help You Setup Accounting and Bookkeeping Business?

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